Author: Dr. Asta Sterling

Astra Sterling Astrologer

Dr. Asta Sterling is a distinguished astrologer, mindfulness coach, and relationship therapist with over 25 years of experience. Esteemed for her ability to translate celestial patterns into insightful human narratives, she also incorporates mindfulness techniques into her guidance to provide a holistic approach. Holding a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Cambridge, Asta seamlessly blends scientific rigour with intuitive astrology and therapeutic insights. Through her accurate and comprehensive readings, she has helped countless individuals navigate critical life stages, make informed decisions, and foster healthier relationships. As a respected contributor to various astrology publications and a regular columnist for, Asta has established her standing as a trusted figure in the astrology community. Her deep understanding of the cosmos and her dedication to promoting mindfulness and healthy relationships make her an invaluable advisor for those seeking to enhance their lives.